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Tegrity Lecture Capture

Put your lectures online and equip students with study tools that can help them succeed

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What is Tegrity?

Tegrity lecture capture technology allows you to record lecture content from class, your office, or a personal device, and put that content online for your students to access at any time. Visit the Tegrity Showcase With the appropriate equipment, Tegrity can record your computer screen, audio, and video lecture elements. But it doesn't just put that content online, it also indexes topics for easy navigation during playback, captures words on the screen so that students can search for terms in your presentations, and extracts URLs so that students can easily find web resources that you referenced during class. In addition to all this, Tegrity puts the lecture inside a custom player that allows students to control the playback speed, download the lecture, add bookmarks and notes (which can be exported), send inquiries directly to the instructor, and more. All of these features make it a great tool for both instructors and students.

Who can use Tegrity?

Tegrity is available to any faculty member who has the necessary recording equipment (whether in their classroom or for personal use) and wants to record content for their course. Tegrity will eventually be deployed in every multimedia classroom across campus, but for now you will first need to check to see if the room you teach in has the necessary hardware and software. If you want to create content outside of a classroom then all you need is an internet connected computer, the Tegrity recorder application, and a PC-connected microphone.

How do I get access to Tegrity

Any interested instructor(s) should first fill out a short form to let us know how and where they plan to use Tegrity. This helps us provide better support by letting us know what the instructor's circumstances are and whether or not they will need training or extra equipment.

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Need help with Tegrity? ATS offers support for all ETSU faculty and staff. Contact Daniel Gibson (email: phone: (423) 439-8244) or Barbara Chamberlain (email: phone: (423) 439-8615)

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Support Contact

Daniel Gibson


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Support Contact

Barbara Chamberlain


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