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TurningPoint is classroom Polling Application that can increase attention and interaction between Faculty and students.See dates and register for this workshop...

Doceri Remote Introduction

Do you love sharing multimedia in your classroom, but hate being stuck behind a podium? With Doceri Remote on your iPad, you can leave the podium behind and lead your classrooms, labs, or meetings wirelessly in any multimedia classroom on campus. How does this work? Check out this overview video from the publisher, SP Controls.

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After attending this workshop, you will be able to use Doceri Remote for PC control, onscreen annotations, presentation authoring, and presentation delivery. See dates and register for this workshop...

Wimba Introduction

Wimba Classroom is a web-based virtual classroom used to communicate with students and participants over the internet in a synchronous environment. It can be used to collaborate via chat, microphone, or webcam and share applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Entire sessions can be archived for distribution at a later time. This workshop will introduce the layout and functions of Wimba, exploring all the necessary tools to effectively manage a Wimba classroom session.


  • Log into Wimba and manage your classrooms.
  • Manage the various components within Wimba.
  • Enable the audio and video functions of Wimba.
  • Upload content to a Wimba session.
  • Archive a Wimba training session.

See dates and register for this workshop...

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