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D2L Introduction

This workshop is designed to offer an introduction to ETSU's online learning environment, Desire2Learn. Participants will be introduced to the tools and capabilities of the system.


  • How to Login to the D2L learning environment
  • Personalize settings
  • Post a news item within your course
  • Email participants using the Classlist
  • Send and receive messages using the Pager
  • Begin creating Course Content

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D2L Advanced

This workshop is designed to provide an advanced overview to the Desire2Learn system. Participants will be introduced to more of the advanced tools of the D2L system not covered in the Introductory workshop. The D2L Introduction workshop is a recommended prerequisite for this training.


  • Create and participate in asynchronous discussions using the Discussion Tool
  • Add Dropbox assignments to the Course
  • Download and grade student Dropbox submissions
  • Develop and administer online tests and quizzes using the Assessment Tool
  • Create and manage a Course Gradebook

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D2L Respondus

Respondus is third party software that allows instructors to upload tests into Desire2Learn courses form a text file, rich text file or Word document. Users can also print or save hard copy tests through Respondus.


  • Download and install Respondus
  • Create a test or self-assessment within Respondus
  • Properly format assessment questions for Respondus
  • Import assessment questions into Respondus
  • Create Desire2Learn availability settings within Respondus
  • Preview and modify your test in Respondus
  • Publish your test or survey to your course(s) in Desire2Learn

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D2L Grades

This workshop will cover all the aspects of the D2L Grade Tool. You will learn how to use the D2L Grades Setup Wizard to set the various settings for your D2L course. You will also learn how to create D2L Grade Categories and Items. And finally, how to manage and enter grades for your individual Grade Items.


  • Learn about the D2L Grades Tool
  • How to use the D2L Grades Setup Wizard
  • How to create Grade Categories and Items
  • Entering and Managing Grades

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D2L Assessments

This workshop will teach the participant how to use the powerful Assessments tool in D2L.


  • Import questions from the question library into the exam
  • Set up an online exam and link it to the gradebook
  • Create time restrictions for the exam
  • Add a variety of questions to the exam and then revise
  • Manage a question library

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D2L Managing Content

This workshop covers the basics and some advanced uses of the D2L content tool. Specific attention will be given to uploading various files to create course content.


  • Learn how D2L structures content
  • Recognize the difference between the File Manager and the Content Manager
  • Upload files to the file manager
  • Create content using the HTML editor
  • Set restrictions on course content

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D2L Building HTML Content

As an instructor, you have to work hard to make your course content relevant and engaging, but you also need to make sure that your course content is accessible to your students. This workshop proposes that you make it as easy as possible for your students to access your course content by using HTML. The advantage of HTML pages is that they can be accessed the same way that D2L itself is accessed—through a web browser—so any device that can open D2L can also open HTML content without any additional effort. No downloads. No installations. No hassle. After attending this workshop, instructors will have the information and resources necessary to begin building and formatting HTML content inside their D2L courses by using D2L’s built-in HTML editor and a handful of free D2L HTML templates. Note: This workshop is available for ETSU faculty and staff only. You do not have to have any prior knowledge of or experience with HTML in order to attend. Please contact our office with any questions. See dates and register for this workshop...

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