Editing: Editing is our house specialty and consumes the greatest amount of our time. The editing protocol we follow depends on the online course needs. The simplest edits require that we clip the rough ends from a recording, adjust the volume, and encode the video into the required delivery format. Simple editing can often be accomplished within 1-2 working days. More complicated edits require more time. Longer turnaround times are necessary when selecting clips from multiple takes and multiple audio tracks, incorporating of slides, adding voiceovers, credits, or other text overlays, incorporating new graphics or adding jingle music.

Artwork: We are able to do some artwork. For example, we routinely create branded podcast icons and banner artwork for use in online podcasts in video collection. We can generate figures or illustrations for incorporation into recordings directly supporting instruction, but generation of such figures is very rate limiting. We do not do general artwork for incorporation into web pages.