Cohort Locations

The School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach offers many cohort programs that allow students to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree by attending classes at a variety of approved sites within surrounding communities. Thanks to our strong relationships with public school districts, communities, and community colleges within the region, we are able to offer class meeting locations in your area.  To see the most recent list of programs available in your vicinity,  please click the links  below.  


Knox County

Sullivan County
  Washington County


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School Library Media

Early Childhood Education PreK-3 Licensure -undergraduate

Early Childhood Education PreK-3 Licensure-graduate

Middle Grade Add-on

B.S. Ed. 2+2

Ed.D. Administration

PPSL Post Secondary and Private Sector Leadership

ESL add on licensure-graduate

STPS Masters Student Personnel

B.S. Criminal Justice


Knox County                                           Top of page

 B.S. Interior Design

B.S. Engineering Technology



Morristown                                        Top of page

B.S.Ed. 2+2 Interdisciplinary Studies   


Sevierville                                            Top of page

Middle Grade Add-on

SPED Bachelors

SPED Masters


Radiation Technology completion


Sullivan County                            Top of page




Washington County, TN                     Top of page

TEML/M.A.T. Secondary

TEML/M.A.T.  Middle School Education