Student Information

Current Services:

Academic Advising: 
 Advisement is offered at both the Allandale and Downtown locations.  Advisors offer information to current and prospective students, career counseling and referrals. Advisors visit area high schools and career fairs to provide information to prospective students. Appointments with advisors are made through the main office at the Allandale location and through the site coordinator at the Downtown location. Advisors from Education and Medical Professions visit the Allandale location each semester to build a relationship with their students.

Tutoring:  Tutoring is provided to students in the Sciences, Mathematics, and English. Tutoring is free and available in an open lab setting. Additional tutoring is available through University Tutoring online. Tutoring hours are posted each semester throughout the building and available by calling the main office.

Student Activities: Many activities for current ETSU at Kingsport students are offered at the Allandale location throughout the year. Activities include movies, sports tournaments, picnics, special speakers and lectures as well as service projects. In addition, students have access to a weight room and gym. Students interesting in participating in the Student Service Board, the planning group for student activities, can contact the Jackie King at the Allandale location. Ms. King's office number is 423-392-8010.

Library Services:  Sherrod Library will US mail academic books to students, faculty, and staff who live more than 25 miles from the library with a limit of five requests per semester. After five requests, books will have to be picked up in Johnson City. The library will send books at no cost, but patron must pay return postage.

Joanna Anderson, Distance Education Librarian, is happy to provide research help and consultations to students. Please contact her at

Library Research Instruction is available. Please contact Joanna Anderson ( to set up a class.

Computer Labs: When not in use for classroom activities, students can use the computer lab at the Allandale location.  Additional computers are available in the library. Computer Lab hours are posted each semester throughout the building and available by calling the main office.  

Proctoring: Proctoring for Online Courses is available by appointment by calling the main office.

Orientations: ETSU at Kingsport offers three new student orientations each year for students taking all classes in Kingsport. The program includes presentations by academic advisors, faculty members, library staff, and financial aid and scholarship representatives. ETSU Office of Student Affairs publicizes the Kingsport Orientation as a student choice for orientation. Students sign up for the orientation by calling the main office.

Dual Enrollment Program: A dual enrollment academic advisor works with all area schools to provide information and follow up for high school students interested in taking college courses while in high school. The advisor collects applications, does extensive follow up and conducts a special orientation for the high school students. Tutoring is scheduled to maximize dual enrollment success. Interested students may visit with the dual enrollment advisor during school visits throughout the year and during special information meetings are held at the Allandale location.

Financial Aid: Representatives of the Financial Aid Office visit the Allandale and Downtown locations once a month to see students. Students may fulfill requirements for academic performance scholarships and work study positions at the Allandale location. Appointments to see a financial aid representative may be made by calling the main office.

Compass Testing: Students who are required to take a placement test may do so at the Kingsport Campus. Appointments for the compass test are made by calling the main office.

Bookstore: A bookstore is provided for students during the first week of classes as well as at the end of the semester to buy back books. Bookstore days and times are advertised throughout the building, at orientations and by calling the main office.

Office Assistance: Prospective students are provided information about admission, catalogs, and programs available in Kingsport. Assistance to students includes faxing materials (Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid and Bursar's Office) and referring students to appropriate offices on main campus. Students may pay fees and register at the Kingsport Campus. Students or interested individuals may call or drop by the main office for assistance during extended office hours.

Scholarships:  Students taking all classes in Kingsport may apply for scholarships awarded each semester by the Kingsport College Foundation and ETSU Foundation.  Scholarship deadlines are advertised throughout the building, marquee and on the website.

Counseling: ETSU students have many counseling services available to them through the ETSU's Counseling Center's site

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