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Approaching the end of your archival education program?   Now it’s time to start looking for a job.   Pursuing that all-important first position in your chosen field can be quite a daunting task.   In order to ease that process as much as possible we have developed this list of resources for pursuing a career in archives.   While the vast majority of the resources listed are primarily links to job listings, there are also a number of Web sites that offer advice and information on everything archives related.

General Employment Information for Archives

These Web sites offer general information relating to careers in archives and records management.   For the most part these sites cover information on the job search process, though a bit of navigation could direct you to job listings as well.   Of particular interest is the blog That Elusive Archives Job, which discusses the job hunting process and the obstacles that arise in the search for an archives position.

The Association of Records Managers and Administrators

Ready, ‘Net, Go! Archival Internet Resources

Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, Association of College & Research Libraries

The Society of American Archivists

That Elusive Archives Job

Archival Job Listings/Search Engines

The following is a list of links to various job search engines and library and archival associations with listings of current career opportunities in the archival field.   Many of the sites have a regional or state focus.   This list is not comprehensive.   Aside from searching the specific sites listed, use the examples provided to search for similar sites in other states and regions.

Alabama Department of Archives & History

The American Association of State and Local History

Archives Gig

Archivists of the Houston Area

The Archivists Roundtable of Metropolitan New York, Inc.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Federal Government Jobs

The History Associates

Institute of Certified Records Managers

The Kentucky Council on Archives


The Library of Congress

The American Library Association

Library Job Postings on the Internet

Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference

The Mississippi Department of Archives & History

The National Archives and Records Administration

New England Archivists

The New England Museum Association

Northwest Archivists, Inc.

The Society of American Archivists

The Society of Georgia Archivists

The Society of Southwest Archivists

The Society of Tennessee Archivists

The Tennessee Library Association

Directories of Archival Organizations, Institutions and Associations

The following links are to websites of various regional and state archival associations.   Once again, this list is not comprehensive and there are many, many more associations out there for you to investigate.   A major benefit of these sites is that they also provide lists of existing repositories under their purview.

The Association of St. Louis Area Archivists   

Directory of Regional, State, and Local Archival Organizations in the United States

The Society of Mississippi Archivists

Northwest Archivists, Inc.

Society of California Archivists

Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists

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