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The Renaissance Child Camps are based on the premise that children of the Twenty First Century should be well rounded. Therefore, they need to be exposed to a variety of academic, creative, and physical activities. Though the specific activities have changed from year-to-year (and camp-to-camp) these core activities have remained the same.

The idea for the camps was developed and implemented by Darla Dye, Director of the Office of Professional Development, and Patricia Williams, Coordinator of Enrichment Programs. They realized that there was a need for a quality full-day summer program for elementary-aged children, and with all of the resources at East Tennessee State University this need could be met.

The Renaissance Child Camps held the first sessions in the summer of 2002 and has grown in popularity since that time. The camps are run in five-day sessions from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon. The home base is on the main campus of East Tennessee State University. The camps have been able to utililize the science and computer labs, Charles Sherrod Library, classrooms at Rogers Stout Hall and the Center for Physical Activity. A string of Renaissance Camp children, led by their counselors, has become a familiar sight at ETSU!

The Renaissance Camp staff is made up of adults with expertise in our emphasis areas. Those who have worked in the camps include ETSU professors and instructors, certified teachers, college students, graduate students, and members of the community with specific interest areas. Our camp population is multi-cultural and has ranged in age from 5-12.The campers’ learning styles and abilities have differed but the staff works with each child to meet their individual needs.

Summer 2015 Renaissance Child camp details and descriptions.

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1. Renaissance Child Science Discovery Camp- A Journey to the center of the Earth and beyond!  June 1-5     Ages 6-12. 


Campers will have the opportunity to discover the wonderful world of Earth Science with an emphasis on Geology. They will learn about land formations, rocks, minerals, crystals, fossils, and much more. Volcanoes will be exploding, the earth will be quaking, quicksand will be encountered, and rocks will be made and eaten!


Field Trip: Bristol Caverns and Cooper’s Gem Mine


2. Renaissance Child Challenge Camp   New!!!  June 15 -19    Ages 6-11


Campers will use their problem solving skills, scientific know-how, and imagination as they participate in a variety of creative hands-on activities. One day they may find themselves marooned on a deserted island where they have to develop a water filtration system and a boat. They will also make super bouncy polymer balls and take part in other science and art activities. In addition, campers will participate in some outdoor challenges (Renaissance Camp Olympics, wall climbing, designing an obstacle course, an outdoor adventure are all possibilities.) such as an uncharted island where they will need to design a water filtration system and a boat.


3. Renaissance Child Exploration Camp        June 8-12           Ages 6-11


During this camp we will be exploring the fields of science, technology, and the arts. The Renaissance Camp explorers will discover the principles behind some cool chemical reactions, learn some fun physics facts, and study wildlife biology.


The campers will also have the opportunity to express their unique creative styles as they take part in a variety of arts and crafts projects and write stories in the computer lab.


Field trip to Bay’s Mountain Park


4. Renaissance Child Invention Convention--Tinkering with Toys    June 22-26      Ages 6-11


The campers will begin their convention with a visit to “Leo’s toy box.” They will be introduced to some of the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci and make a marshmallow catapult and other Da Vinci inventions. Our young inventors will then design and make their own toys and games out of recycled items. It may appear to be child’s play, but there will be a lot of physics and engineering going on!


The Renaissance Camp inventors’ toys will be on display at the “Invention Convention Trade Show” at the end of camp on Friday afternoon.


5. Renaissance Child Imagination Station  July 6-10         Ages 6-11


This camp is the place to come to let your imagination run wild and to dream big dreams! Everyone has a story to tell; the campers will be encouraged to tell, write, and illustrate theirs. They will participate in group activities that will develop creative drama techniques and stretch their imaginations. They will make art projects to help bring their tale to life. The campers will also participate in some of the Renaissance Camp’s crazy science experiments; it takes a big dreamer to become a “mad” scientist! The week will culminate with the in the “Imagination Extravaganza“ for family and friends.


Field Trip to Barter Theater to see “Mary Poppins” on July 8 


Imagination Station Extravaganza, Friday, July 10, at 5:00


6. Renaissance Child Investigation Camp--Super Sleuths! New!!!  July 13 -17  Ages 6-11


Who, what, when, where, why, and how? The Renaissance Camp Super Sleuths will be on the trail to find the answers! The campers will learn how to lift finger prints and identify mystery powders in order to solve a crime that has been committed in the classroom. They will use the scientific method of investigation as they take part in some ooey--gooey, wet and wild science experiments. The campers will also take part in a wide variety of arts and crafts activities. No matter what the topic will be, the Super Sleuths will be ready to search for the answers!


Field Trip to Roan Mountain or Warriors Path (water sampling, creek walk)


7. Renaissance Child  “Kitchistry”: Kitchen Chemistry Camp July 20-24 Ages 6-11


This camp will bring out the “mad scientist” and future Iron Chef in the participants. Campers will take part in a variety of wacky science experiments which utilize products found at home. In addition, they will put on their chef’s hats and aprons and try their hand at cooking in the ETSU Food Laboratory.There will be a lot of science fun going on!




8. Renaissance Child Construction Zone   July 27-31 Ever-popular, fills up fast!  Ages 6-11


Grab your hard hat; it is time for one of our all-time favorite camps, the Construction Zone! The campers will take part in a variety of activities which will introduce some of the basic laws of physics. They will discuss energy, work, and machines. Students will be challenged to design and make an item that must include at least three simple machines. It is amazing what they can build using cardboard and duct tape!


The campers will display their creations at the end of camp on Friday afternoon. There will be brief recognition program to mark the end of the 2015 camp season.








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