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2014 Renaissance Child Summer Camps

All Camps are $185 per week, per child, except for two specialty camps:  Girl's Radio/Television/Film Camp, which is $300 and Digital Media Camp for High School Students, which is $375.  All camps are eligible for a multiple camp/camper discount of $10 per camp/camper or an ETSU discount of $15 per camp/camper.

Renaissance Science Discovery Camp 
Ages 6-12, June 2-6

Computer Camp for Teens 
Ages 11-15, June 9-13

Renaissance Adventure Camp - NEW! 
Ages 6-12, June 9-13 

Digital Media Camp 
High School Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors
June 16-20

Renaissance Science Exploration Camp - NEW! 
Exploring the Outer Limits
Ages 6-12, June 16-20

Renaissance Science Exploration Camp - NEW! 
Energy!  What makes things work?
Ages 6-12, June 23-27

Girls' Radio/TV/Film Camp - NEW! 
Ages 12-16, June 23-27

Renaissance Child Imagination Station 
Ages 6-10, July 7-11

Creative Performance Workshop - NEW! 
Ages 11-15, July 7-11

Renaissance Child Invention Convention 
Ages 6-10, July 14-18

Science & Engineering Camp 
Ages 11-15, July 14-18

Renaissance Child Kitchestry Lab 
Ages 6-10, July 21-25

Science & Forensics Camp 
Ages 11-15, July 21-25

Renaissance Child Construction Zone 
Ages 6-12, July 28-August 1

All camps run 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday
for more information  or phone 800-222-3878

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Persons with disabilities who require special assistance or seating are requested to call ETSU"s Office of Professional Development at (423) 439-8084 for details. Persons who require sign language interpreters should contact the Office of Professional Development seven days prior to the event in order to solicit qualified interpreters.  ETSU is an AA/EEO employer.  

Renaissance Child Science Discovery Camp - Ages 6-12
Campers discover the wonderful world of science by doing experiments in the classroom, in a college science lab, and outside too. They also investigate animal habitats and go on a field trip to Warriors' Path State Park.

Computer Camp for Teens - Ages 11-15
ETSU professor James Livingston will lead campers as they discover visual effect techniques through the use of videography, green screen compositing, and effects compositing.  Students assemble their effects clips as a demo reel!

Renaissance Child Adventure Camp - Ages 6-12 NEW! 
Campers experience many adventures in the great outdoors and investigate the fields of ecology and conservation.  They will take soil and water samples, create artwork with items from nature, and explore Roan Mountain and other parks.

Digital Media Camp -Rising HIgh School Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors
Students in this camp discover digital imaging manipulation techniques through the use of photographs.  Students use still imagery to create animated and visually realistic video clips.  They then assemble their creations as a demo reel!

Renaissance Science Exploration Camp:  Exploring the Outer Limits - Ages 6-12 NEW! 
Campers investigate space, our solar system, and beyond.  They will view the stars in a special night-time session, build a solar system model, and visit the ETSU Planetarium and the Bays Mountain Planetarium.

 Renaissance Science Exploration Camp:  Energy!  What Makes Things Work? - Ages 6-12 NEW! 
Campers explore different types of energy and how they are used as power sources.  They will build circuits and solar cars and experiment with electromagnetism.

Girls' Radio/TV/Film Camp - Ages 12-16 NEW! 
This camp is designed to teach girls who are interested in media production the basics of video production, TV studio production, and radio.  They will gain hands-on experience in the ETSU RTVF facility.

Renaissance Child Imagination Station - Ages 6-10
Campers let their imaginations run wild, acting out stories and writing and illustrating their own tales.  They will make a variety of creative arts projects and perform their work for parents and friends at the end of the week.

Creative Performance Workshop - Ages 11-15 NEW! 
This camp includes improvisation, character development, and basic theater skills.  Campers will write or adapt a story to perform at the end of the week, making their own props, sets, and masks.

Renaissance Child Invention Convention - Ages 6-12
Campers incorporate critical thinking skills and creativity to design and market their own invention and create a prototype to display at the Invention Convention Show on Friday.

Science & Engineering Camp - Ages 11-15
Participants build and launch their own hydro rocket, design roller coasters, and work in the ETSU Robotics Lab to explore the laws of physics and investigate the world of engineering.  They will take a field trip to visit Wonder Works in Pigeon Forge, TN.

Renaissance Child Kitchestry Lab - Ages 6-12
Campers play "mad scientist" performing chemistry experiments using items found in the kitchen.  They discover the science of cooking by making their own treats in the ETSU foods lab.

Science & Forensics Camp - Ages 11-15
Campers investigate the world of the CSI with an introduction to some of the scientific tests and techniques used in the world of forensic science.  Participants gather evidence and solve a mock crime scene.  They will also visit the American Museum of Atomic Energy in Oak Ridge, TN.

Renaissance Child Construction Zone - Ages 6-12
Put on your hard hat to enter the construction zone!  Campers learn the basic laws of physics and engineering as they learn about simple machines.  They show off their inventions at the "Renaissance Kids' Trade Show" on Friday.