Dr. Steven Kimbrough

Dr. Steve Kimbrough
2003 Honorary Alumni

Since 1980, Dr. Steve Kimbrough has been a regular at ETSU sporting events. Born in Rochester, Minn., but reared in Fort Wayne, Ind., his love of sports, particularly basketball, grew strong. He graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University. His understanding of medicine gained from his parents prompted him to move on to Mayo Medical School in 1972 to pursue medicine.

During the first year at Mayo Medical School, he found two things that would become lifelong loves - his wife, Barbara, and a passion and desire to pursue Neurology as a career. He and Barbara were married during their second year in school. Following medical school he and Barbara decided to stay in Rochester, Minn., to pursue their residencies.

Dr. Kimbrough's desire to leave the cold weather and his wife's willingness to embark on an adventure led them to Johnson City and East Tennessee State University. The opportunity to live in a smaller community and participate in a young medical school while spending the majority of time doing direct patient care was one that was too good to be missed. In 1980, he started in private practice. Immediately, he became involved in clinical teaching at the VA hospital and JCMC. He is a Clinical Professor in Psychiatry and in Internal Medicine and is Chief of the Division of Neurology. In the past few years he has been involved intimately in developing a new neurosciences course for the revamped curriculum for the medical school. He has been honored with numerous teaching awards.

He has served as Chief of Staff at JCMC, President of the Washington-Unicoi County Medical Society, President of the State of Franklin IPA, Chairman of the hospital's Department of Medicine, and on numerous other medical and hospital committees. He has continued with his primary career passion of caring for patients while working at Tri-State Mountain Neurology Associates. His special interests have evolved over the years, but include multiple sclerosis, movement disorders, stroke, peripheral nerve disorders, and teaching with the latter providing the challenge to stay current. Numerous professional memberships include AOA, Tau Beta Pi, the Movement Disorder Society, and National Stroke Association.

The Kimbroughs have two children, Erik and Erin. Next year Erik will be at the George Washington University School of International Affairs in Washington, D.C., and Erin will continue at Science Hill High School.

Dr. Kimbrough has continued to support ETSU athletic academic programs. He remains a true Bucs Basketball fan, but his personal passion for golf has led him to become a Buccaneer golf fan as well. He feels pride and a sense of commitment to his hometown university - East Tennessee State.