Lois Carrier

Lois Carrier
Award of Honor

Lois Carrier strongly believes that financial education is the key that unlocks the doors to financial independence and freedom for people. She feels that our society and educational institutions fail to provide even the most fundamental understanding of the financial skills needed to deal with day to day issues in life, even as basic as understanding how to successfully create and manage a 401k plan.

Because of that belief in financial education, Carrier has dedicated a significant amount of her time for the last seventeen years writing articles, giving workshops, and producing weekly financial educational segments on local television stations. She is well known and loved by her viewing audiences.

Carrier was born in Elizabethton, Tennessee and attended Elizabethton High School from which she graduated in three years. She enrolled at ETSU in the summer of 1969 and graduated with her first degree a B.S. in music, three years later at the ripe old age of nineteen. In 1975, she returned to ETSU where she earned her Master’s in the Art of Teaching in 1977. Carrier recommends the MAT degree for anyone who wants to master the skills of communication--an invaluable asset in any profession, not just in the field of education.

Carrier taught high school for three years and explored other careers until 1989, when she found the career of her heart’s desire. She enrolled in the College for Financial Planning in 1990 and became a Certified Financial Planner ™ professional in 1993.

After building a highly successful independent advisory firm with three other partners from 1994 until 2001, she and her husband, advisor David Maurice founded their own independent firm, Carrier & Maurice Investment Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisor in Johnson City. Carrier serves as President of the company. She is also a widely sought after and active speaker for civic clubs, churches, businesses and charitable organizations using the skills she obtained from her MAT degree to present entertaining, understandable and enthusiastic financial presentations.

She is quick to tell you that her greatest gift is the ability to make very complex things simple to understand. Another belief Carrier holds is that the world of finance was designed by men for men which just doesn’t work for many women because of the different financial risks and challenges women face. She enthusiastically teaches, encourages and works towards empowering women in the area of finance because study after study shows that women, once they “get it”, make better investors—and often better financial planners-- than men. Having a Masters in the Art of Teaching, helping both men and women “get it” is a piece of cake for Carrier.

Carrier is actively involved in her profession and in 2001, was elected to and served on the national board of directors of the largest membership organization in the world for Certified Financial Planners, The Financial Planning Association. She has spoken at national conferences many times, and contributed professional articles and interviews to many financial industry journals. In 2001, she co-authored a book entitled “For Women, By Women, Financial Passages.” Locally, she has served actively on the boards of YMCA, Child Advocacy Center, Laughlin Healthcare Foundation, CASA, the finance committee to the Wellmont Foundation, along with many volunteer hours with other organizations. She received the Philanthropic Achievement Award for Outstanding Service from the Board of Trustees of the Laughlin Health Care Foundation and was named a Paul Harris Fellow by her fellow Rotarians.

In their non-working hours, Carrier and her husband David enjoy their church, camping, reading, hiking and dancing and spending time with wonderful friends