Barbara J. Dietz

Barbara J. Dietz
1998 Honorary Alumni

When Barbara J. Dietz was 13 years old, she lied about her age to get a 50 cent an hour job in a Borger, Texas drug store. The advice given to her from father was, "if you have a job that pays 50 cents an hour...give them a dollar's worth of work." That strong work ethic and sense of taking pride in all tasks that are given, has lasted throughout her years to bolster a highly praised and successful career. Dietz is noted for "breaking the glass ceiling" in becoming the first female President, CEO and Chairman of the Board for a local manufacturing company. She joined a local manufacturing company, Inc. in 1976 as the office manager and quickly rose through the ranks of the manufacturing company.

The business produces short cut fibers that are used as raw materials. Under her Chairmanship, a local manurfacturing company expanded to seven locations, coast to coast, and Dietz gained an international reputation throughout the business world.

Dietz's managerial talents have not been limited to the corporate board room. She feels that community involvement is very important and that you must give back some of the rich blessings you receive. Dietz actively supports the Boys Club, Girls Club, Kids Inc., Boys Scouts of America, as well as serving on several boards including the Holston Valley Hospital Foundation, Roane County Chamber of Commerce and the East Tennessee State University Foundation, just to name a few.

Presently, Dietz has turned her attention to the promotion of women's basketball. She is actively involved in the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame project. When completed, the center will recognize the talents and the strides women have made in this sport.

Dietz and her husband Jose F. Flores have three sons, Richard II, Michael and Stephen.

May 8, 1998