Tennessee Board of Regents Awards for Excellence in Philanthropy

Tennessee Board of Regents Philanthropy Awards

The Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) is America's sixth largest system of public higher education with 45 campuses and over 182,000 students. The Regents' Award and Chancellor's Award serve to recognize persons and organizations that have clearly demonstrated generosity of time and resources to TBR institutions, encouraged others, promoted higher education and provided an example of ethical leadership, civic responsibility and integrity. The four Regents' Awards, selected annually from nominees across the state are presented at the quarterly meetings of the TBR. The Chancellor's Awards are presented at select occasions hosted by the nominating institution.


In 2000, due to the diminishing support of state dollars the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) began looking at TBR institutions' ability to raise funds. The Board contracted with a local consulting firm to meet with advancement personnel on the campuses to gather private gifts data. Once the contractor's report was complete, the Board created an Ad Hoc Committee on Fundraising to review the report recommendations and develop a course of action. In March 2001, the Board adopted the Ad Hoc Committee's recommendations one of which was the need to recognize outstanding accomplishments in fund raising. This recommendation is what led to the creation of TBR's Excellence in Philanthropy Awards recognition program. This program is comprised of two awards – the Regents Award for Excellence in Philanthropy and the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Philanthropy. The awards were created to honor the individuals, companies, and organizations who continue to donate their resources, finances, and personal time to TBR institutions.

 Selection Process

Honorees will be selected by the Donor Recognition Committee which is comprised of two university representatives, two community college representatives, and two technology center representatives. The Committee will review all application materials in light of the selection criteria and recommend a slate of recipients for the upcoming year. If the initial call for nominations does not yield a sufficient number or quality of applicants, the Committee may issue an additional call for nominations. Nominees cannot receive a philanthropy award two consecutive years; there must be, at minimum, one year between receiving a Regents' Award and Chancellor's Award.


Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Philanthropy

Regents' Award for Excellence in Philanthropy