PRIDE Week History & Events

How it all started...

In 1995, an idea was tossed around by a few members of East Tennessee State University's Alumni Association board for a public awareness campaign to build enthusiasm. That idea became a reality as well as a smashing success as the university celebrated the first annual ETSU PRIDE Week.The Alumni board members wanted to take unified community involvement to a new level as well as spotlight the benefits shared by ETSU and the region.

Association Vice President Bill Breeding and Secretary Johnny Jones took the helm and began orchestrating this affair. The two began rallying volunteers to come on board. Over 100 alumni and community leaders began seeking every opportunity to take this idea of ETSU PRIDE and make it something tangible to be celebrated throughout the Johnson City/Washington County area. The ETSU PRIDE Week is just one way the community can show how much it supports the school and one important way ETSU can say thank you to the students for choosing us as their university!

Community Showcase

Each year in the heart of ETSU a large celebration kicks off the entire PRIDE Week campaign.  It also gives area businesses and campus organizations an opportunity to market themselves to new and returning students.

Packed with students, faculty, booth and music it is a proper start to ETSU's most successful awareness campaign.

There are a number of volunteer opportunities available in every community in our region, whether it is at the individual level or as a part of a group. For more details, contact the ETSU Alumni Office at (423) 439-4218 or e-mail