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Volunteer Opportunities
Keep up with what's happening at ETSU!  Check back with us for a list of upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and other news!
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Admissions Central
In The Admissions Central section there are links to a variety of alumni admissions interests. Want to refer a new or returning potential student? Want to enroll in another degree program or attend graduate school? Click here to find out more!

ETSU International Friendship Families
Imagine -- after a year of taking tests, then submitting application forms and academic credentials to several schools in the United States, you choose ETSU as the place to further your studies. You go to the United States Consulate (which may be located far away from your home) and apply for the student visa, which you fortunately receive after a second interview with a Consulate official.   You purchase a plane ticket, pack, say goodbye to your friends and family, and settle in the economy section of a 767 plane for the long haul to the United States. Would YOU  serve as a  friend for an ETSU student that would offer support to an international student far from home? Click  here  for more.


When In Doubt
Contact the Advisement Resources Career Center at 423-439-8650 or the Alumni Association at 423-439-4218.

ETSU is eager to help all our students and alumni achieve their ongoing educational goals.  Often, however, student and alumni don't know where to turn when they have problems or questions related to school.  The purpose of ASK ME is to make is easier for students to share their questions with ETSU's faculty and staff so we can connect them with the help they need. Click here for more.


Student Newsletter

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