Basler Chair

About the Basler Chair of Excellence

In 1994 the Wayne G. Basler Chair of Excellence for the Integration of the Arts, Rhetoric, and Science was named in honor of an individual who has continuously supported the university over many years. This chair helps to bridge the gap in academia between the sciences, the arts, and the humanities disciplines.

Chairholders serve for one semester, or the equivalent, allowing a number of individuals from a variety of fields to participate over time. The primary duties of the chairholder are to teach two courses, typically one undergraduate and one graduate, and to present four public lectures/performances.

The Basler Chair Committee

The Basler Chair Nomination Procedure

Past Basler Chairholders*:

2014-  Dr. Timothy Lane

2013- Mary Jane Jacob (fall 13/spring 14)

2012- Dr. Thomas Schmickl (fall 2012)

2011 - Dr. Jennings Bryant (fall 2011)

2010 - Dr. Molly Faries (fall 2010)

2009 - Dr. Phillip Rhodes (fall 2009)

2008 - Dr. Graham Leonard (spring 2009)

2007 - Ivars Peterson (spring 2008)

2006 - Dr. George Kampis (spring 2007)

2005 - Dr. Martin A. Hendry

2004 - Mr. Mel Chin

2003 - Mr. John Blake, Jr.

2002 - Dr. John Shelton Reed (fall semester)

2001 - Dr. Anne LaBastille (fall semester)

2000 - Dr. George Gale (fall semester)

1999 - Lisa Alther (fall semester)

1999 - Patrick Cronin (spring semester)

1998 - Coramae Richey Mann

1997 - Gustavo Perez Firmat

1996 - John Bowers (fall semester)

*Created in 1994 but no chairholder chosen until 1996

Timothy Lane

Dr. Timothy Lane, Basler Chair of Excellence, Fall 2014-Spring 2015

 Dr. Timothy Lane holds an endowed chair in the Philosophy of Mind at Taipei Medical University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences, in Taipei, Taiwan.  His areas of specialization include philosophy of mind, consciousness, cognitive neuroscience, and neuroethics. 

A native of St. Louis, Missouri and a U.S. citizen, Dr. Lane began studying the Chinese language in high school.   He earned a BA in pre-medical studies at Indiana University and completed a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Psychological Anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh.   Subsequently, he traveled to Taiwan to study cognitive components of shamanism.  He has lived and worked there almost continuously ever since.  While Dr. Lane’s research focuses on the philosophy of mind and consciousness, he applies scientific techniques such as electroencephalography and functional MRI to help answer questions concerning the nature of mind and its relationship to the brain.

Dr. Lane is the first non-citizen, non-Chinese appointee to any national government position in Taiwan.  He has held appointments as Chief of the Office of Academic Evaluation at National Chengchi University and as a committee member in both the National Ministry of Education and the National Council of Labor Affairs.  Duties are conducted exclusively in Mandarin Chinese.  In addition to numerous lectures at academic institutions in Taiwan, Dr. Lane has been invited to address audiences in Italy, Great Britain, Japan, China, Germany, and the United States.

The Taiwan National Science Council’s most prestigious Outstanding Research Award went to Dr. Lane; he also received this body’s Special Achievement Award.  In addition, Dr. Lane received two of his university’s highest honors –– Distinctions in both research and teaching.  

Past Holders of the Basler Chair

Mary Jane Jacob

Mary Jane Jacob (Fall 2013/Spring 2014)

Dr. Thomas Schmickl 


Dr. Thomas Schmickl (Fall 2012)


Dr. Jennings Bryant
Dr. Jennings Bryant (fall 2011)
Dr. Molly Faries (fall 2010)
Dr. Phillip Rhodes
Dr. Phillip Rhodes (Fall 2009)
Dr. Graham Leonard
Dr. Graham Leonard (Spring 2009)
Ivars Peterson
Ivars Peterson (Spring 2008)