Centers of Excellence

The College of Arts and Sciences includes three Centers for Excellence:

The Center for Excellence in Appalachian Studies and Services documents and showcases Appalachia's past, celebrates its cultural heritage, and promotes an understanding of the influences that shape its identity.

The Center of Excellence in Paleontology has the primary responsibility to ensure the realization of the full potential of the Gray Fossil Site through the integration of scientific research, education, and outreach.

The Center of Excellence in Mathematics and Science Education supports the advancement of mathematics and science education, K - 16, through direct services, technical assistance, partnerships, research, leadership institutes / workshops, and as an information conduit providing standards-based resources to schools, districts, teachers, and community members. This center is a cooperative effort between the College of Art & Sciences and the College of Education.
Encyclopedia of Appalachia
The Encyclopedia of Appalachia, a joint project of the Center for Appalachian Studies and Services at East Tennessee State University and the University of Tennessee Press, is the most comprehensive work on Appalachia ever produced.