Art History

Nike           Da Vinci          durer          Boccioni

     Winged Nike of Samothrace            Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci           Four Horseman by Albrecht Durer        Continuity in Space by Umberto Boccioni


Art History is a humanistic discipline that focuses on visual art in its historical and cultural context.  ETSU offers the BA in Art History, with courses ranging from surveys of western art to period courses to contemporary art history and art theory to seminars in research topics.  Three full-time art historians, all with doctorates from distinguished universities, offer a variety of expertise, research interests, and methodological approaches. Part-time faculty teach sections of survey or special areas of expertise.

The BA in Art History is intended to give students an understanding of art in its historical, cultural, and theoretical contexts, to develop their research skills and critical abilities, to prepare them for careers in the arts and for graduate work in art history. Emphasis is on the art of western culture, but opportunities are provided for students to gain awareness of non-western artistic traditions.

Goals/Outcomes of the BA in Art History degree

  • Knowledge of major monuments of art in their historical context
  • Knowledge of both western and non-western art history
  • Ability to analyze works of art stylistically and to make relationships between the art works and their cultural context
  • Development of research skills and critical abilities, including cogent use of language to describe and interpret artistic image
  • Preparation for graduate work in art history
  • Preparation for careers in a variety of arts institutions, including galleries and museums,careers that require research, writing, and cataloging skills

    BA Art History Checksheet


Art History Minor

The Department of Art & Design is excited to announce the new Minor in Art History, beginning in the Fall 2013 semester. The Art History Minor provides students the opportunity to study the history of art from the Neolithic cave paintings, to ancient Greek and Roman art, to contemporary art from around the world. The minor is designed to complement a variety of disciplines including business, history, philosophy, psychology, and literature among others. The study of Art History is provides an opportunity to learn about cultural changes, to develop interpretative strategies and research skills, and to engage with the span of human history.

Students have access to ARTstor, which holds over 1.4 million images, as well as numerous resources in the department, the university library, and the exhibition spaces and collections of the Slocumb Galleries and the Reece Museum. Students pursuing the Minor in Art History at ETSU will be well equipped for careers that require research, writing, and cataloging skills.

For further information, see the 2013 ETSU catalog, the Department of Art & Design website, or contact Scott Contreras-Koterbay at  .

Art History Minor Checksheet


Visual Resource Center and Equipment

Visual Resource Center

classrooms with digital projectors

Fully equipped multimedia auditorium with video and digital projector

5 Computer stations, 3 Macs & 2 PCs

2 Portable Mac labs, with 40 MacBook Air laptops

5 Epson flatbed scanners

3 Epson large format printers

Large Format Paper and Mat cutters

22 Digital & video cameras

3 Digital projectors

Wacom Graphire 4 digital illustration Tablet

University subscription to ARTstor database, available to all students

For Visual Resources Information Contact:

Katie Sheffield, Visual Resources Curator
Ball Hall  207
423-439-5712 , professor, (Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College) specializes in Northern Renaissance Art. She also teaches Medieval Art, Italian Renaissance Art, Northern Renaissance Art, Women Artists, Research Methods for Art Historians, Special Topics seminars: Master and Pupil, Myth in Art, Art of the Protestant Reformation, Hans Memling, Symbol and Devotion, Jan Van Eyck, and Heroic and Virtuous Women in Art.

Dr. Scott Contreras-Koterbay, associate professor, (Ph.D., St. Andrew’s University) specializes in Philosophy of Art  and Contemporary Art. He also teaches Modern Art, Art History, Theory and Criticism, Research Methods for Art Historians, Special Topics: African-American Art and Russian Art.

Dr. Peter Pawlowicz, associate professor, (Ph.D. Northwestern University) specializes in 18th century French Art. He also teaches Classical Art, Baroque Art, and 19th Century Art.