Proficiency Intensive Requirements

Proficiency intensive requirements appear in your ETSU catalog (see These requirements are completed by a specific number of courses, and the number of credits involved in those courses is irrelevant. When you look up courses in GoldLink, you can determine which ones meet respective proficiency intensive requirements.

These requirements can only be met by completing courses at ETSU. Transferred courses do not qualify because they are not subject to review by the respective ETSU committees that approve these courses as proficiency intensive. You can review the requirements for the respective categories at

Courses that require a great deal of writing may not meet the Writing Intensive requirements if the host department did not submit the course for review by the appropriate committee. Similarly, courses in the other categories do not automatically become proficiency intensive unless submitted for such review.

If you began your college career at ETSU, or if you transferred to ETSU with fewer than 50 credits, you must complete the following proficiency intensive requirements:

Writing Intensive (WI):

Four courses

Two WI courses at the 3000-4000 level

Two WI courses in either your major or minor

Oral Communication Intensive (OCI):

Two courses

One OCI course in either your major or minor

Using Information Technology Intensive (UITI):

One UITI course in either your major or minor

(Note: This requirement differs from the graduation requirement to complete the Using Information Technology requirement that is fulfilled by CSCI 1100 Using Information Technology. The CSCI 1100 course can be substituted by either a proficiency test (free) or a challenge exam ($45). See for details.

If you transferred 50 or more credits to ETSU, or if you are returning to ETSU after many years, you are entitled to complete the proficiency intensive requirements with reductions in the number of courses required. See your academic advisor for clarification of the following reduced proficiency intensive requirements:

WI: Two courses from any ETSU department

OCI: One course from any ETSU department

UITI: One course from any ETSU department