Transfer Students

ETSU offers much information for prospective transfer students and ETSU students who transferred from other institutions.

General Education describes those categories and courses that all ETSU students complete. Initial decisions about transfer credit at ETSU are made in the office of admissions (

Checklist of ETSU general education requirements at (

To request a secondary review or exceptions to general education transfer credit awarded in Admissions, please send you student E number, using your ETSU Goldmail account, to the A&S Associate Dean for Student Affairs at . When possible, please list specific courses in general education for which you wish to request credit. For telephone inquires, please call 423-439-5248.

What general education credit from previous institutions will transfer students receive at ETSU?

Transfer Equivalency

          General Education Transfer Policy

           Course Transfer Equivalencies spelled out by selected community colleges and universities. Answer the question of how the courses you have taken will transfer to ETSU.

General education credit must be approved at ETSU by the general Education Advisory Council and the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR), which allows exceptions for transferred courses that are deemed equivalent to approved courses.        


Articulation Agreement

What is a Transfer (Articulation) Agreement? Find out here.




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