Mission, Goals, Values

Communication Department

Our Mission

    To foster an environment of inquiry and creativity, to help build a
    more humane society, and to prepare graduates to flourish in the
    Mass Communication, Theatre & Dance, and Communication Studies

Our Goals

    We pursue this mission through learning, research, and creative
    activity that will:

    º Develop proficiency in personal and professional communication

    º Promote understanding of the meaning and value of freedom of
      communication in a democratic society

    º Cultivate appreciation of and excellence in the performing and
      media arts

    º Advance media literacy through attention to technical skill, critical
      thought, and consideration of the social and global implications of
      mediated communication

    º Affirm the value of human diversity and the need for social justice

    º Extend our academic and artistic reach to the regional, national,
     and global communities

Our Values

    The Department of Communication pursues its mission and goals in
    much the same manner as does the rest of the university in that the
    department is a student-centered community. We hold our students to                                                                                                high standards and promote a balance of liberal arts education and professional
    We continually seek to create a more efficient and effective system
    for pursuing our goals and base our efforts on the ETSU core values

    º PEOPLE come first, are treated with dignity and respect, and are
       encouraged to achieve their full potential

    º RELATIONSHIPS are built on honesty, integrity, and trust

    º DIVERSITY of people and thought is respected

    º EXCELLENCE is achieved through teamwork, leadership,
      creativity, and a strong work ethic

    º EFFICIENCY is achieved through wise use of human and
      financial resources

    º COMMITMENT to intellectual achievement is embraced