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Kelly Dorgan

Back in 2007, Dr. Kelly Dorgan began working with Dr. Sadie Hutson (now at UT-Knoxville, Nursing) on a special research project: gathering the stories of women who were surviving cancer in this region of Appalachia. This kind of survivorship research hadn't been done before, making them all the more determined to carry out the project in responsible, respectful, and ethical ways.

In 2008, Dorgan and a team of researchers sat down with a group of women in a day-long storycircle. Funded by the ETSU Research
Development Committee, the project enabled the researchers to collect the stories of area cancer survivors. Then, in Fall 2012, Dorgan spent her Non-Instructional Assignment more closely exploring those stories and writing manuscripts. Ultimately, two of those manuscripts were published in April 2013 in an international peer-reviewed journal. Another co-authored research article (Hutson, Duvall, and Kinser) is forthcoming in the Journal of Appalachian Studies; this article is an especially important one as it examines the impact cancer survivorship has on mothering. Dorgan was able to give close attention to women's stories about how survivorship and family intertwine during the cancer experience.


Dr. Andrew Herrmann's article "Daniel Amos and me: The power of pop culture and autoethnography" is the lead article in the premiere issue of Popular Culture Studies Journal.

Herrmann, A. F. (2013). Daniel Amos and me: The power of pop culture and autoethnography. Popular Culture Studies Journal, 1, 6-17. 


Dr. Andrew Dunn       \

Dr. Andrew Dunn & Dr. Andrew Herrmann receive national attention from USA Today and grant funding from the ETSU Research Development Committee. Read about their "costume play" research.


Rigging Math by Dr. Delbert Hall


Our own Dr. Delbert Hall's new book "Rigging Math Made Simple" is now available. For years Dr. Hall has been travelling close and far, teaching, advising, and training other programs about rigging. Now he offers his knowledge and expertise in his new book.

 Dr. Kinser's new article!

Dr. Kinser's new article in Andrea O'Reilly (Ed.) What Do Mothers Need?: Motherhood Activists and Scholars Speak Out on Maternal Empowerment for the 21st Century. Toronto: Demeter. Read more at Dr. Kinser's personal website.



Dunn Book

 Dunn, A. (2012). Identity theories & technology. In Handbook of Research on Technoself: Identity in a Technological Society (pp. 26-44)

 Karen Brewster and Melissa Shafer!

Brewster, K. & Shafer, M. (2011). Fundamentals of theatrical design. NY, NY: Allworth Press. 

 Faculty Research & Appearances on Non-Instructional Assignment

  • Pat Cronin in Ireland this Summer in Death of a Salesman

Pat Cronin

It has been an extraordinary first week in the homeland. Pat was interviewed for one of the local main papers in Cork City, and if you go to this link you'll find the picture and the article. Also, on St Paddy's Day, Pat will be leading the parade in his father's hometown of Mallow Co. Cork followed by a reception in the town hall with the mayor and the city council.

The first night here Pat saw an amazing production of The Importance of Being Earnest at the theatre in which he will be doing Death of a Salesman. It was done by the London Classic Theatre. Last night he saw the Godot Company (this is Samuel Becket's Official Company), also in the Everyman Palace. If you go to their webpage and you'll see a lot of info on all the companies in there including a page on Death of a Salesman. You can click on season brochure for the full explanation of all the companies and what is coming up. The company did Eh Joe, Old Tune and Footfalls and they were unbelievably wonderful (Becket as it should be done). He e-mailed Bethany Stokes to tell her she was in a league with them with her rendition here at ETSU of Footfalls two years back. Pat talked afterwards with head of the Godot Company in Paris via Skype, and the head was thrilled to hear of our productions in Tennessee of Footfalls and Come and Go.  

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