Bud Frank Theatre

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    Bud Frank Theatre
  • Bud Frank Theatre Theatre
    Bud Frank Theatre
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    Bud Frank Theatre
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    Bud Frank Theatre
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    Bud Frank Theatre
Photo Credit: ETSU Photo Lab

This 209 seat proscenium theatre is located on the first floor of the oldest classroom building on campus, Gilbreath Hall. It is named after the founder of the ETSU Theatre program, Harold "Bud" Frank.

Typically, the Division of Theatre and Dance produces 4 Main Stage productions in the Bud Frank Theatre (BFT) throughout the academic year. Additionally, the space is used on occasion for Mary B. Martin School of the Arts events, Storytelling events, Music events, and by the University High School.

The stage of the BFT covers 1815 square feet. It has a 30' wide by 18' tall proscenium opening located 24' upstage of an extended apron. The 680 square foot lobby was created in 2003 by removing several back rows of seating and adding a wall to separate the seating area from the lobby. The auditorium covers 1870 square feet and seats 209.                 

For more information about this space contact Division Secretary, or the Technical Director, .

Need Directions?

bud_frank Harold "Bud" Frank taught many drama students over the years from 1954 until his retirement in 1985. The campus theatre located in Gilbreath Hall is named in his honor.

Daryl and Harold "Bud" Frank 
Daryl taught for many years at ETSU specializing in children's theater and stage movement and Bud taught acting and directing in the same department.