Substitution for Theatre Classes

Universal Transfer Paths
TBR Community Colleges
UT and TBR Four Your Universities

Effective Fall 2011

Community College area of Emphasis

Theatre Arts
A.A. Degree

General Education Requirements

     ENGL 1010, 1020 Composition I and II
     SPCH 1010 Basic Speech
        or other approved speech/communication course

9 Hours

6 Hours
3 Hours

Humanities and/or Fine Arts (at least one course in literature)

9 Hours

Social/Behavioral Sciences

6 Hours


6 Hours

Natural Sciences

8 Hours


3 Hours

General Education Total:

41 Hours

Area of Emphasis Requirements
Acting I

3 Hours

Stage Craft I

3 Hours

Theatre Electives (excluding theatre history)

7 Hours

Foreign Language (One Year Sequence in Single Foreign Lang.)

6 Hours

Area of Emphasis Total:

19 Hours


60 Hours