Travel and Research Funding

Traveling to attend professional conferences and for research purposes is an unquestionable requirement of professional historians.  The History Department believes in supporting our masters students' work in all stages, including research and presentation.  On a year-to-year basis, the Department is able to provide funding to assist our students in their endeavors.  In the past we have funded student research trips to archives in Oaxaca, Mexico, London, England, Yorba Linda, California, and Nashville, TN.  In addition to Department funding, graduate students may apply for funding from the Graduate School , and the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) .

History Department Research and Travel Grants

These awards will be made based upon complete applications for assistance prepared by the student in consultation with a faculty member. Each application should include a narrative, a budget statement, and a statement of endorsement from a faculty member. Each of these should follow the following guidelines:

1. The Application Narrative should be between two and three pages (500 to 750 words) clearly stating the research problem to be funded by the grant, describing the research-related activities, indicating the significance of the project, and providing a reasonable timeline for the project. Successful proposals will be clear and specific in addressing these matters.

2. A one page Budget Statement should include the anticipated expenses, even those exceeding the amount requested from the department. These may include expenses for travel and lodging, to access materials, photo-copying and duplication costs, access fees associated with archive, library, and historic site admissions, as well as translation and other direct research expenses. The budget statement should also indicate any institutional or grant support already received or anticipated for the research.

3. The Endorsement Statement should include an assessment of the project itself, the student's ability to complete the project, and an evaluation of the reasonableness of the proposed timeline.

The call for applications for these grants usually comes in December.  For further information, contact the

Graduate School Student Research Grants

The ETSU Graduate School offers competitive research grants on a yearly basis.  These grants are to support graduate student thesis or dissertation research projects. The minimum amount for the award is $500, the maximum amount is $800 and up to 8 will be awarded each year depending upon availability of funds.

Complete information about this grant program may be found here.

Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Grant

Any graduate or professional student at East Tennessee State University who has a completed GPSA membership form on file and has paid the annual $5 membership fee can apply for use of GPSA travel funds.  These funds are awarded as competitive grants in amounts up to $250.

Complete information about this grant program may be found here .