Funding Packages

Graduate Assistants

Students awarded a Graduate Assistantship will have their full tuition covered (including out-of-state tuition), and will receive a small stipend of $6,000 for the school year. GA's are expected to work 20 hours per week for the department as a part of their funding package. Students are generally assigned to work with one or more faculty members. Typical duties include assisting with classroom management, grading tests and assignments, leading study groups. GA's may also be asked to assist in performing research, or in performing administrative functions.

Tuition Scholars

Students receiving a Tuition Scholarship will have their full tuition covered, including out-of-state tuition. The TS award does not include a stipend, but only requires 8 hours of work for the department per week. Duties expected of TS recipients is in line with those required of GAs; only the time commitment differs.

Neither award covers University fees such as Student Activity Fees, parking passes, etc.

Applying for a GA / TS Position

Incoming first year masters students are automatically considered for both funding packages, so long as their applications are received at the Graduate School by the March 15 deadline. Further information about the application process may be found here .

Students in other situations, including TS students who wish to apply for an open GA position, should contact the .

Extra-Departmental Funding

If the Department is unable to provide funding, prospective students are encouraged to apply for other GA and TS positions available at ETSU. The University posts current vacancies here .

The University has very specific guidelines regarding the use of graduate assistants by faculty members. You will be given a copy of these guidelines during your orientation and class assignments. They are also outlined in the University's Graduate Assistant / Tuition Scholar Handbook . Student's performance is evaluated on at the end of each semester, and have the opportunity to request a change of assignment at that time. GA and TS positions are renewable to cover up to 4 semesters of full-time study.