Non-Thesis Option

Non-Thesis Option [Course Work Option]

All students selecting the course work option will be required to complete an additional 33 hours of electives in addition to the six credits of required courses, for a minimum total of 39 credits.

A minimum of 30 credits must be in History, and no more than nine credits may be in courses in collateral fields approved by the graduate coordinator. 

Students must declare a primary and secondary field of study.  The primary area must include a seminar in that field which will include the completion of a major research paper; the secondary field shall include a minimum of nine credits of study.

The department chair and graduate coordinator will nominate an advisory committee for each student which will include two professors in the primary area and one in the secondary area.  During the student's final semester of course work, each student will take a comprehensive written examination set by the committee over the primary and secondary fields of study which will be followed by a comprehensive oral examination.  The student may pass the examination; fail with an opportunity for further study and review with reexamination by the committee; or fail with no opportunity for reexamination.