Thesis Option

The masters level thesis at ETSU is a year-long project that culminates with the creation of a substantial piece of original scholarship.  Students who plan to continue graduate study at the doctoral level should write theses; in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator other students are also encouraged to select this option.  

In addition to the six (6) credits of required courses, the student must complete  HIST 5960: Thesis , and an additional 21 credits of electives, for a minimum total of 30 credits

Students must designate a primary and secondary area of study. The secondary field shall consist of not less than six (6) credits and shall include a seminar in the field. The student taking the thesis option must also pass a final examination. 

Students will assemble, in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator and their advisor, a thesis committee.  The committee must include at least three faculty members -- ideally faculty whose academic strengths and interests will support and challenge the student throughout the course of the thesis project.  Students may include faculty members from other departments whose work is pertinent to the student's scholarship..

At the discretion of the candidate’s committee, the final examination may be written, oral, or a combination of the two. It may be comprehensive and cover the thesis and coursework. The student may pass the examination; fail with no opportunity for re-examination; or fail with an opportunity for further study and re-examination by the committee on a specified date.

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