Sample Schedules

This is a sample curriculum model for the first two years for students who are History majors and seeking a B.A. degree.

You may choose to follow this schedule, but you must still consult with your advisor in the Department of History prior to registration for each term. Failure to do so may result in Registration Holds on your registration or may result in adverse consequences, if you fail to make yourself aware of various other requirements which may affect your graduation.

If you are choosing to seek certification in Secondary Education, your schedule of classes is clearly defined. Please see  for more information.

If you are seeking a B.S. degree, your schedule and requirements may vary slightly. Rather than taking a foreign language you will have two additional science classes besides the General Education Core Requirement.  You will need to take Calculus (rather than Prob. and Stats.).  You may need to take pre-Calculus prior to attempting Calculus.Please, see for more information.

Please note:  In order to graduate in four years, you must take a minimum average of fifteen to sixteen hours per term. If you are choosing to seek certification in Secondary Education, depending upon how many areas you intend to be certified to teach, it may take longer.

First Year

ENGL 1010 Critical Thinking and Expository Writing ENGL 1020 Critical Thinking and Argumentation

HIST 2010 U. S. History to 1877

HIST 2020 U. S. History since 1877
MATH 1530 Probability and Statistics one class from Fine Arts
one class from Sciences
one class from Sciences
CSCI 1100: Using Information Technology
one class from Oral Communication (Speech)
Total: 16 hours Total: 16 hours

Second Year

HIST 1110 World History to 1500
HIST 1120 World History since 1500
a literature class
one class from Social and Behavioral Sciences
one class from Social and Behavioral Sciences
HIST 3410 Intro to Historical Method
foreign language
foreign language

first class in a minor
an elective
Total: 15 hours Total: 15 hours