Online Classes

The Department of History offers several on-line classes.

Most commonly, the following courses are offered:

    HIST 1120  World History since 1500

    HIST 2010  U.S. History to 1877

    HIST 2020  U.S. History since 1877

    HIST 3410  Historical Methods

    HIST  3729 History of Africa

Some things you need to think about if you are considering taking an on-line course.

1. Online courses are not "easier".  Just because you are not 'in class', that does not mean that you get to skip work you should be doing.

2. Online classes take a good level of maturity and self-discipline.  You must set aside regular times during the week to work on your assignments, particularly as may are time and cannot be completed once they have expired.

3.  You must participate in ALL aspects of your course.  If your online course requires discussion boards, or peer review, or chat, you must participate.

4.  Do not wait until the last minute.  Always assume server failure ten minutes prior to the deadline for your assignments and get it done before then.  

Online Courses:  Summer 2013

SR 50686 HIST 2010 904 23M 3.000 U.S. To 1877   TBA  Melanie K Storie (P) 06/10-08/16 COURSE ONLINE

SR 51589 HIST 2010 910 23M 3.000 U.S. To 1877   TBA  Steven E Nash (P) 06/10-07/12 COURSE ONLINE

C 50690 HIST 3520 900 23M 3.000 Appalachia and War   TBA  Charles Strong Olson (P) 07/15-08/16 COURSE ONLINE

SR 50688 HIST 3950 904 23M 3.000 The History of Espionage & Treason In the Early Republic   TBA Dinah Mayo-Bobee (P) 07/15-08/16 COURSE ONLINE