Tennessee Association of Professional Interpreters and Translators (TAPIT): Tennessee’s Language Bridge

    TAPIT is a professional organization for interpreters and translators of written, spoken and signed languages in Tennessee. Among TAPIT's members are linguistic experts in many professional fields, including judicial, medical and technical.

    Professional interpreters and translators provide essential services for hospitals, commerce, the judiciary, and many other settings in both the public and private sectors, and TAPIT’s members enable Tennessee's businesses and governmental agencies to communicate with their international peers not only across our state, but all over the World.


    Scholarship Donations are mainly to help defray the cost to needy students and members who wish to attend our training and/or seminars in the form of scholarships.  Many members donate to this cause in order to give financial assistance to up-and-coming interpreter-translators, especially students and refugees.

ETSU students attend the Annual TAPIT Conference in Nashville TN

The LCRC provides scholarships for ETSU students in the Graduate Certificate Program in Healthcare Translation and Interpreting to attend the Annual TAPIT Conference in Nashville.

The 9 th Annual TAPIT Conference, September 9-12, 2011 was attended by four ETSU students, along with Dr. Nelson.

norma webb, christina romero, dr. ardis nelson, julia rusinol, martha marshal

( from left to right)
Norma Webb | Christina Romero | Dr. Ardis L. Nelson | Julia Rusiñol |
Martha Marshall

norma web, christina romero

Norma Webb and Christina Romero

norma web, christina romero, dr. ardis nelson, dr. maruyn bacigolupe tipps

( from left to right)
Norma Webb | Christina Romero | Dr. Ardis L. Nelson |
Dr. Marvyn Bacigolupe Tipps, TAPIT President Emeritus

The 8 th Annual TAPIT Conference in September 2010 was attended by five ETSU students and three professors from the Department of Literature and Language. Dr. Raluca Negrisanu, Dr. Jerome Mwinyelle, and Dr. Ardis Nelson presented on various aspects of health care translation and interpreting.

raquel fratta, dr. ardis nelson, kayla bobbitt, diana ochoa, linda paternina, melanie marquez, dr. jerome mwinyelle

( from left to right)
Raquel Fratta | Dr. Ardis Nelson | Kayla Bobbitt | Diana Ochoa | Linda Paternina | Melanie Marquez | Dr. Jerome Mwinyelle

linda paternina, diana ochoa, melanie marquez

( from left to right)
Linda Paternina | Diana Ochoa (first to complete the Graduate Certificate in Health Care Translation and Interpreting, 2011) |  Melanie Marquez