Literature and Language Faculty

We are pleased to welcome to our faculty for the 2014-2015 academic year our new postdoctoral fellow in English, Dr. Damian Carpenter, and our new lecturer in English, Dr. David Michael Jones.


Dr. Katherine Weiss

 (2006), Associate Professor of English 
Chair, Department of Literature and Language
MPhil, 1997, Trinity College, Dublin 
MA, 1999, California State University 
PhD, 2002, University of Reading (UK) 
Areas of Specialization: Modern and Contemporary Drama, Irish Literature

Dr. Mark Baumgartner

(2011), Assistant Professor of English
BA, 1999, Knox College
MFA, 2005, Bowling Green State University
PhD, 2010, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Areas of Specialization: Creative Writing--Fiction, Contemporary Fiction and Criticism, American Literature 

Dr. Michael Cody  (2001) Professor of English
Coordinator of English Honors-in-Discipline Program
BA, 1993, University of North Carolina, Asheville
MA, 1995, Western Carolina University
PhD, 2000, University of South Carolina
Areas of Specialization: Early American Literature, Native American Literature, Creative Writing

Dr. Thomas Crofts

(2004), Associate Professor of English
Director of Classical Studies Minor
BA, 1990, Bard College
MPhil, 1992, Trinity College, Dublin
MA, 1997, and PhD, 2003, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Areas of Specialization: Medieval Literature, Latin, Anglo-Irish Literature


Dr. Will Crooke (2008), Associate Professor of German and French
BA, 1984, Florida State University
MA, 1997, and PhD, 2003, University of California, Berkeley
Areas of Specialization: Comparative Literature (German, French, and Italian), Modernity, Film, Medieval Studies

Dr. Yousif A. Elhindi (1998), Professor of English
Director of Linguistics Minor
BA, 1975, University of Khartoum
MA, 1981, University of Sheffield
PhD, 1995,  Oklahoma State University
Areas of Specialization: Linguistics and TESOL

Dr. Matthew Fehskens (2011), Assistant Professor of Spanish
BS Indiana University, 2004
MA Bowling Green State University, 2006
PhD University of Cincinnati, 2011, Romance Languages/Spanish
Areas of Specialization and Interests: Transatlantic Studies, Hispanic Modernism, 19th and 20th Century Spanish and Spanish-American Literature, Literary Criticism, Creative Writing

Dr. Jesse Graves

(2008), Associate Professor of English
Mockingbird Faculty Editorial Advisor
BA, 1997, University of Tennessee
MFA, 2000, Cornell University
PhD, 2008, University of Tennessee
Areas of Specialization: Creative Writing--Poetry, Contemporary Poetry and Poetics

Ms. Kathleen Grover (1976), Assistant Professor of English
BA, 1964, Florida State University
MA, 1967, Memphis State University
Areas of Specialization: Literature, Ethics, and Values, Contemporary Appalachian Literature, Animals in Literature

Dr. Darryl Haley (1999), Associate Professor of English 
BA, 1992, University of Arkansas
MA, 1994, University of Arkansas, Little Rock
PhD, 1999, University of Alabama
Areas of Specialization: Classical and Modern Rhetoric; Technical Writing;  Composition; 20th Century American Drama; American Literature

Dr. Ken Hall (1999), Professor of Spanish
BA, 1975, Furman University
MA, 1978, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
PhD, 1986, University of Arizona
Areas of Specialization: Spanish, Contemporary Latin American Narrative and Film, Asian Film

Dr. Karen Harrington (1986), Associate Professor of French
BA, 1973, and MA, California State University, Northridge
PhD, 1986, University of California, Los Angeles
Areas of Interest: French, French Poetry, 19th Century French Literature

Dr. Katrina Heil (2007), Associate Professor of Spanish
Assistant Chair for Foreign Language
BA, 1998, Trinity University
MA, 2000, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
PhD, 2006, University of Texas, Austin
Areas of Interest: Spanish, Contemporary Spanish Literature, Literary Theory, Transatlantic Studies

Dr. Mark Holland (1986),Professor of English
BA, 1972, Heidelberg College
MA, 1977, and PhD, 1984, Miami University
Areas of Specialization: American Literature, Mythology

Dr. Thomas Alan Holmes (1996), Professor of English
Associate Dean for Curriculum and Interdisciplinary Programs
Mockingbird Faculty Technical Advisor
BA, 1981, MA, 1985, and PhD, 1990, University of Alabama
Areas of Specialization: American Literature, African American Literature

Dr. Scott Honeycutt (2013), Assistant Professor of English
BA, 1998, East Tennessee State University
MA, 2000, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
2012, PhD, Georgia State University
Areas of Specialization: Secondary Education, American Literature, Nature Writing

Dr. Don Johnson (1983), Professor of English
ETSU Poet in Residence
ETSU Foundation Research Reward, 1991
BA, 1964, and MA, 1966, University of Hawaii
PhD, 1969, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Areas of Specialization: British Literature, Poetry, Contemporary American Poetry, Sport Literature

Dr. Karen Kornweibel (2007), Associate Professor of English
Director, Honors-in-Discipline Programs, The Honors College
BA, 1994, University of California, San Diego
MA, 1997, and PhD, 2000, University of Texas, Austin
Areas of Specialization: Comparative Literature, African American Literature, Caribbean Literature, Latin American Literature

Dr. Shawna Lichtenwalner (2005), Associate Professor of English
BA, 1994, Nebraska Wesleyan University
MA, 1996, University of Nebraska
PhD, 2004, Auburn University

Dr. Tess Lloyd (1996), Professor of English
Advisor, Appalachian Studies Minor
BA, 1974, Duke University
MA, 1982, Pennsylvania State University
PhD, 1996, University of North Carolina
Areas of Specialization: Folklore and Appalachian Literature

Dr. Theresa McGarry

(2004), Associate Professor of English
Coordinator of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate Program
BA, 1984, Michigan State University
MA TESOL, 1994, Temple University of Japan, Osaka
PhD, 2004, University of South Carolina, Columbia
Areas of Specialization: Second Language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics

Dr. Stanton McManus Dr. Stanton C. McManus (2013), Assistant Professor of English
Director of Film Studies Minor
BA, 1997, MA, 2002, and PhD, 2008, University of Michigan
Areas of Specialization: Comparative Literature; Film Studies; Aesthetics and Politics; Critical Theory; Transition Studies; 20th- and 21st-century European Cultural Studies


Dr. Martha Michieka (2006), Associate Professor of English
Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Studies
BEd, 1991, Kenyatta University, Kenya
MA, 2002, and
PhD, 2006, Purdue University
Areas of Specialization: TESOL, Sociolinguistics

Dr. Jerome Mwinyelle (2004), Assistant Professor of Spanish
BA, 1989, University of Ghana
MA, 1995, Temple University
PhD, 2005, University of Texas, Austin
Areas of Interest: Spanish Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis

Dr. Ardis Nelson (1994), Professor of Spanish
Director, Language and Culture Resource Center
Director, Graduate Certificate in Health Care Translation and Interpretation
BA, 1965, Oberlin College
MA, 1972, Middlebury College, Madrid
PhD, 1980, Indiana University, Bloomington
Areas of Interest: Central American and Cuban Literature; Hispanic Cinema; Translation; Interpretation; Service-Learning

Dr. Kevin E. ODonnell (1993), Professor of English
Director of Environmental Studies Minor
BA, 1984, Kent State University
MA, 1987, and
PhD, 1993, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Areas of Specialization: Nineteenth-Century American Literature, Composition, Environmental Writing

Dr. Robert Sawyer

(2001), Professor of English
BA, 1979, Stetson University
MA, 1987, Western Carolina University
PhD, 1997, University of Georgia
Areas of Specialization: The Victorians, Shakespeare, and Shakespearean Appropriation

Dr. Judy Slagle  (1999), Professor of English 
Interim Dean of Honors College 
BS, 1983, and MA, 1985, East Tennessee State University 
PhD, 1991, University of Tennessee 
Areas of specialization: Restoration & 18th-Century Literature, British Romanticists/Joanna Baillie, Textual Editing 

Dr. Phyllis Thompson (2005), Associate Professor of English
Director of Women's Studies Program 
Secondary Education Coordinator
BA, 1983, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
MA, 1992, Appalachian State University
PhD, 2003,  Louisiana State University
Areas of Specialization:

Dr. Frederick O. Waage (1978), Professor of English
AB, 1965, and PhD, 1971, Princeton University
Areas of Specialization: Environmental Literature, Renaissance Literature, and Creative Writing

Dr. Daniel Westover

(2010), Associate Professor of English
Assistant Chair for Graduate Studies
BA, 2000, Brigham Young University
MA and MFA, 2003, McNeese State University
PhD, 2008, University of Wales (UK)
Areas of Specialization: 20th- and 21st-Century British Literature, Welsh Writing in English, Poetic Theory, The English Novel

Postdoctoral Fellows

no image (2014), Postdoctoral Fellow of English
BA, 2002, and MA, 2005, State University of New York-New Paltz
PhD, 2014, Texas A & M University

Dr. Ana Grinberg  (2013), Postdoctoral Fellow of English
BA, 1984, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco
MA, 2006, San Diego State University
PhD, 2013, University of California-San Diego
Areas of Specialization: Medieval and Early Modern Literature, Comparative Literature (British, French and Iberian), Identity Studies, Monsters and the monstrous, Women Writers


Mr. Michael Briggs (2008), Lecturer of English
Composition/RODP Coordinator
BA, 1983; MA, 1986; EdD., 2010, East Tennessee State University

Dr. Micah Corum (2013), Lecturer of English as a Second Language
BA, 2005, Oklahoma State University
MA, 2008, University of Puerto Rico
PhD, 2012, Hamburg University
Areas of Specialization: Sociolinguistics, Language Contact, Cognitive Linguistics, TESOL

Ms. Liv Halaas Detwiler (2012), Lecturer of Spanish
BA,  2004, Concordia College (Moorhead, MN)
MA, 2010, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Areas of Specialization: Applied Linguistics and Sociolinguistics

Dr. Nadege Dufort (2011), Lecturer of French
BA English Literatures, Linguistics and Civilizations, 1999, BA French as Foreign Language, 2000, MA French as Foreign Language, 2001, Université des Antilles et de la Guyane (Martinique)
MA Foreign Literature and Pedagogy, 2005, University of Delaware
PhD Francophone Studies, 2009, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2009-2011, University of Vermont
Areas of specialization: French Caribbean and Indian Ocean Literatures and Cultures, 20th and 21st century French literature, Culture and Identity through Francophone Cinema, Literature and Cinema of Immigration, Colonialism and Postcolonialism, Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism.

Dr. Isabel Gomez (2013), Lecturer of Spanish
Licenciada in Filología Hispánica. 2006, Universidad Complutense, Madrid
MA in Spanish, 2009, University of Cincinnati
PhD in Spanish Literature, 2013, University of Cincinnati (UC), Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Akio Hasegawa (2013), Lecturer of Japanese
BE, 1999, Ritsumeikan University
MA, 2006, and PhD, 2011, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Areas of specialization: Semantics, Pragmatics, Japanese Linguistics

Ms. Norma Honaker (2009), Lecturer of English
BA, 1994, University of Virginia
MA, 2004, University of South Carolina
Areas of Specialization: Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Women Writers; War Writings

Dr. Michael David Jones (2014), Lecturer of English
BA, 2001, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga (Religious Studies)
MFA (Poetry), 2004, Emerson College
MA, 2006, and PhD, 2012, University of Connecticut
Areas of Specialization: British Romantic literature; Victorian literature; poetry and poetics; gender studies; creative writing;World War I; composition studies; twentieth-century American literature and culture.

Dr. Hilary Malatino  (2013), Assistant Director of Women's Studies
BA, 2005, English Literature (Multicultural and Gender Studies Track), with a Certificate in Women’s Studies, Magna Cum Laude, Florida Atlantic University
MA, 2008, and PhD, 2010, Philosophy, with a Graduate Certificate in Feminist Theory, Binghamton University
Areas of Specialization: Queer Theory, Feminist Philosophy, Medical Ethics and Critical Pedagogy

Ms. Raluca M. Negrisanu (2009), Lecturer of German
BA, 1997, West University, Romania
MA, 1998, University of Bucharest, Romania
PhD, 2008, University of Tennessee
Areas of Interest: German, Applied Linguistics, First Language Attrition, Early Childhood Language Acquisition, Bilingualism

Mr. Josh Reid (2012), Lecturer of English
BA, 2000, Virginia Tech
MA, 2004, University of Kentucky
MA, 2012, University of Kentucky (Art History)
PhD, 2013, University of Kentucky
Areas of Specialization:  Milton, Renaissance Literature, Chivalric Romance, Visual Arts and Literature, Translation Studies, Ecocriticism

Ms. Junko Tezuka-Mathes (2008), Lecturer of Japanese
BA, 1992, Tamagawa University, Tokyo
MA, 2000, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Areas of interest: Japanese, Japanese Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Second Language Acquisition

Adjunct Faculty

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Emeritus Faculty

Ernest J. Branscomb

Thomas G. Burton

Ronald K. Giles

Styron Harris

Robert J. "Jack" Higgs

Mary G. Hurd

Anne Koehler

Thomas D. Lane

Anne K. LeCroy

John Morefield, CV

James R. Reese

R. Chesla Sharp

Catherine Anne Sherrill

Marcia Songer, CV

Bonny Stanley

Edwin W. Williams

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Karen Cajka--An appreciation of our colleague

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