Mockingbird FAQs

What is The Mockingbird?

The Mockingbird is the annual literary arts magazine produced by East Tennessee State University students. Although the Department of Literature and Language and the Department of Art and Design provide advisors for the magazine, students create the magazine. The magazine enjoys the sponsorship of the School of Arts and Sciences, and it also enjoys the generosity of the ETSU Honors College.

Is the name of the magazine Mockingbird or The Mockingbird?

A search through the archives indicates that the magazine has almost always borne the name The Mockingbird, with only a couple of instances where the cover reads Mockingbird and one odd instance where it reads Mockingbirds.

Who can submit material to The Mockingbird?

Any currently enrolled ETSU student is welcome to submit material to The Mockingbird, including part-time students, students at our satellite campuses, and students enrolled only in online ETSU courses. Since we accept submissions during the fall semester, even students who graduate in the December of the academic year are eligible to submit during their final semester of enrollment.

What type of material does The Mockingbird accept for publication?

The Mockingbird accepts a wide range of material. Literary submissions include poetry, fiction, nonfiction prose, and short drama. Art submissions now take practically any form; the Department of Art and Design has an annual honors competition, and The Mockingbird features its winners; winning entries have included sculpture and conceptual digital designs, as well as the more traditional pieces in painting, sketching, and printing.

As far as subject matter goes, university students create the magazine for an audience that consists primarily of a university community, and the subject matter (and treatment of that subject matter) reflects the interests of the creators and audience.

When does a person submit material to The Mockingbird?

The Mockingbird seeks submissions during the fall semester. Calls for literary submissions usually appear in mid-September, with a deadline of late October. Calls for art submissions are made by the Department of Art and Design.

When does The Mockingbird appear?

The Mockingbird usually appears in mid- to late April; however, the magazine did not appear in spring 2010 as intended due to the failure to meet production deadlines. As a result, the content of that issue has appeared in an expanded 2010-2011 issue. The Mockingbird is designed by the ETSU Press.

How do I submit material to The Mockingbird?

You can download an entry form for literary content on our submissions page. Students in the Art and Design Department are made aware of the competition centered there.

How do I get a copy of The Mockingbird if I am not on the ETSU campus?

We have a limited number of current issues and backissues available. Please contact us about specific backissues to determine their availability; issues, both current and backissues, cost $6 each to cover our shipping and handling costs.