Welcome to the homepage for the Southern Appalachian Student Conference on Literature!

The Department of Literature and Language at East Tennessee State University hosted the fourth annual Southern Appalachian Student Conference on Literature, on Saturday, September 25, 2010. This day-long event permitted undergraduate upperclassmen and graduate students the opportunity to present their literary research to peers from colleges and universities in the southern Appalachian region, providing them professional experience as they pursue their studies.

Dr. Mark Noble of Georgia State University served as our keynote speaker for our 2010 conference. You can learn more about him on our keynote page.

The SASCOL organizers intend for our participants to learn more of their options as English scholars. Being “Southern Appalachian” as a regional marker rather than a content indicator, the conference welcomes submissions addressing any area of literature. Cross-disciplinary in nature, the conference welcomes submissions from students in disciplines other than English, as long as their submissions address literature. While presentations can be about literature in languages other than English, we ask that the presentations themselves be in English. We invite students from all over our region to participate in our conference.

In addition to gaining professional experience, students will have the opportunity to enter conference papers for consideration for SASCOL Awards for Outstanding Literary Research. We congratulate Jennifer Daniel, Mark Michaelson, and Kim Steger for winning this year's awards; you can learn more about their work and get information about the 2011 competition on our awards page.

Registration fee for the day-long conference (including the keynote banquet) is set at $30.

SASCOL organizers wish to express their gratitude to the Office of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vice President Bert C. Bach, the College of Arts and Sciences and Dean Gordon Anderson, and the Department of Literature and Language and its chair, Professor Judith Slagle, for their support of this event.

For more information about SASCOL, please browse through this website; you may address other questions to Professors Katherine Weiss ( ) and Thomas Alan Holmes ( ).

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