Ancient Greek at ETSU

The East Tennessee State University Department of Literature and Language currently offers introductory courses in Ancient Greek, GREK 1010 and 1020. We are in the process of completing approval of intermediate courses in the language.

"Introductory Ancient Greek I" (GREK 1010) is designed for students with little or no experience with the language. The course offers insights into the history and literature of Greek civilization from the earliest times up through the fifth century B.C.E. Introductory Greek will be of interest to students majoring in Foreign Languages, especially those studying highly-inflected languages such as German. In addition, students in Philosophy, History, Literature and the Natural Sciences will find Greek immediately useful and applicable to their studies, and valuable also as they apply for jobs and to graduate school. Students in religion and biblical studies will be especially interested in the course, since the study of Greek will equip them to read Old and New Testament biblical texts.

"Introductory Ancient Greek II" (GREK 1020) is designed for students with basic familiarity with the Ancient Greek language. In addition, the course offers discussion of political and civic life in the Athens of the fifth century B.C.E. Second-semester Introductory Greek will be of interest to students who want to extend their knowledge of Greek to the point of beginning to read texts in the original. Students will begin to discover the ways in which Greek language, literature, philosophy and science has shaped their respective disciplines.

We will post information about other offerings in the Ancient Greek language as we receive news. For more information about studying Ancient Greek at ETSU, contact .