1. Download the Declaration of Major Form, complete it so that it looks like the Sample Declaration Form below.  You can use this form for any of three purposes:  (1) you can declare your major if your current major is 'undeclared', (2) you can use this form if you already have a major and want to change it to Women's Studies, (3) you can declare or change your minor.

2. Download the Supersonic Checksheet and fill in any classes you've taken or think you might take.

3. Take these two forms to Campus Center Building (formerly the Old College of Medicine) Room 211 and meet with Dr. Thompson.

Click on the links below to access a Declaration of Major/Minor, as well as a Sample Declaration form to assist you in completing it (both are in PDF file formats).

Declaration of
Major Form
(print this)

(print this too)

Sample Declaration