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Career Ideas

Group facilitator
Community health specialist
Magazine editing
Nurse midwife
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What can you do with a Women's Studies Degree
This link gives a detailed description of the women's studies degree and provides career options.  There is also a list of skills one will acquire from a women's studies program.



The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance at ETSU is a feminist student alliance dedicated to recognizing and eliminating all forms of oppression and advocating empowerment, well-being, and equality for all.  FMLA is a progressive gender equality and human rights group that focuses on promoting equal treatment between men and women. This alliance also strives to protect and promote women's health options and choices, raise awareness about the problems of domestic violence and other types of violent crime, promote worker's pay equity and rights, promote healthy sexuality, and strive to make the necessary statutory and constitutional amendments that will help us meet our goals of a more equal and less violent world.  FMLA is the local chapter of Planned Parenthood: General Action.   fmla members 2014           

Iota Iota Iota
This is the women's studies honor society.  Click on this link to learn more about their philanthropy and how to become a member of this exciting society!

newest members of Tri-Iota
Past Members of Tri-Iota


Women in Global Perspective

IWD Booth This course emphasizes diversity of women’s experience in non-western, non-industrialized societies.  Concentrates on women's participation in, interaction with, and resistance to patriarchal structures that inhibit economic, political and human rights for women. 

The interactive course is taught by KC Gott.  Every semester the students choose a project dealing with a current women's issue and address it head on.  In the fall semester, the projects support the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which is celebrated on November 25th ( click here for more information).  In the spring semester, the projects support the International Women's Day, which is on March 8th ( click here for the official website).  Click on the link above to view projects that are currently taking place and ones from the past.



Notable Women of ETSU Annual Award Ceremony

Notable Women 2012

Congratulations to our 2012 Notable Women, Dr. Edith Seier and Dr. Leslie MacAvoy!   The recipients are nominated by faculty based on achievements and contributions in the women's studies field. On the Notable Women page you will also find a list of past recipients and the call for 2013 Notable Women Nominees.


Ms. Magazine's and NWSA's 2009 Guide to Women's Studies
This webpage provides current information for those looking into the Women's Studies field.
Online Store for National Women's Studies Association
The National Women's Studies Association sells women's studies apparel along with a variety of other things
WS Foremothers
Click here to view the history of the Women's Studies program at ETSU!