Programs of Study for the Pre-Health Professions



All pre-professional programs are programs of study, not majors.  Pre-professional students must select a major and minor by the time 60 credit hours have been completed. We encourage all students to strive for the four-year degree, while applying to their professional school of choice. 

Multiple pre-health profession programs of study are available at ETSU.  The Office of Medical Professions Advisement supports nine of those programs offered:


    Pre -Allopathic Medicine

  Pre-Chiropractic Medicine



  Pre-Osteopathic Medicine


Pre-Physician Assistant


Pre-Veterinary Medicine

ETSU offers over 100 undergraduate majors from which the pre-professional student may choose.  Although many students pursue a math or science degree, it is not required.  Professional schools look for students that are well-rounded, which pertains to a student being socially and professionally competent.  For example, while you may major in another field, you will still be a competitive student as long as you have strong skills and grades in the math and sciences.