Services Offered -Behavioral Health and Wellness Clinic

BHWC Supervision

We provide counseling services for individuals, couples, families and groups as well as a variety of assessment services. We serve children of a very young age as well as adolescents, and adults of all ages. One of our areas of expertise is working with parents who have young children with behavior problems or are especially strong willed. Because we are a training clinic we are unable to treat clients who are ordered by the courts or involved in legal disputes.


The Behavioral Health and Wellness Clinic also provides a wide range of assessment services for children and adults including: Learning disabilities, ADHD, Personality/diagnostic assessment, and disorders that occur on the Autism Spectrum. If you suspect that your child’s problems with schoolwork are due to a learning disability or attention problem, we can conduct a thorough assessment to determine whether one exists. If we discover that a learning or attention problem exists we will make written recommendations for accommodations in the classroom and guidance about ways to cope and adjust. We can also do an assessment for adults if you have problems on the job that you think might be due to a learning disability or attention problem.

If you suspect that a family member has a disorder on the Autism Spectrum we can conduct a thorough assessment to determine whether one exists. We will make recommendations for managing problem behavior and strengthening parenting skills.

Important Information for Clients of the BHWC (Needs to be read before 1st visit)

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