Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is open to all students, regardless of field of study, with an interest in psychology.

Purpose: to encourage student interest in the field of Psychology, to provide programs which expand knowledge of specific areas of Psychology, and to provide a means of social interaction where interested students can meet those with similar interests.

Activities: The Psychology Club provides members the opportunity to become involved in a wide range of activities. Professional activities include participation in regional and national conferences, as well as department provided academic activities. Through the Psychology Club, members participate in fund-raisers that greatly assist in covering the cost of conference participation. Membership in the Psychology Club also provides students the opportunity to perform community service through volunteer activities.

Additionally, the Psychology Club allows members opportunities to participate in many social activities throughout the year, such as the annual holiday party and Spring cookout. Other activities are informal gatherings such as trips, dinners, and parties.

Interested? Email Faculty Advisor, Dr. Matt McBee: