Graduate Student Association of Psychology (GSAP) has an open admissions policy. All students admitted to the graduate programs are eligible and encouraged to join.

Purpose: GSAP is a nonpartisan student educational association whose primary objective is to orient and organize students for participation in the psychology graduate program. GSAP promotes the professional growth of members through encouraging and aiding in the understanding of graduate programs in psychology, professional organizations in psychology such as APA, SEPA, and the Society for Neuroscience, ethical issues, research and publications, and proposals and grants. GSAP maintains an ongoing dialogue and working relationship with the professional community to promote employment opportunities for graduates.

Membership: Membership shall be open to all graduate students actively enrolled in East Tennessee State University's department of psychology. To be considered actively enrolled one must be enrolled in either the general or clinical psychology graduate program and be taking at least three credit hours because the university requires that 51% of organization membership be full-time students (enrolled in at least 9 credit hours). Membership of those carrying fewer hours will be subject to review pending current compliance with the university requirement. Involvement in GSAP activities shall be open to undergraduates in psychology, although they may not be members of the organization.

Activities: GSAP provides members the opportunity to become involved in a wide range of professional, social, and community activities. Professional activities include participation in regional and national conferences, as well as department academic activities. Through GSAP, members participate in fundraisers that greatly assist in the cost of conference participation. Membership in GSAP also provides students the opportunity to perform community service through volunteer activities assisting organizations like the homeless shelter, women’s shelter, and Ronald McDonald House. Additionally, GSAP allows members opportunities to participate in many social activities throughout the year. Some social activities are sponsored by the department , such as the annual Christmas party and Spring cookout. Other activities include informal gatherings such as trips, dinners, and parties.

Faculty Advisor, Dr. Jodi Polaha:

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