Finding an Advisor

Students with fewer than 90 earned credit hours or first semester transfer students:
Students who have earned fewer than 90 credit hours or have just transferred to ETSU, MUST be advised in the Advisement Resources Career Center (ARC) by the dedicated Psychology Advisor. 

Students with 90 earned credit hours or more: Students who have earned 90 credit hours or more should come to the main Psychology Office (420 Rogers-Stout Hall), call the main Psychology Office (423-439-4424), or email our Executive Aide ( ) and ask to be assigned a Faculty Advisor. Students may NOT choose their Faculty Advisor. Faculty Advisors are assigned to students by the Department. 

Preparing for an Advising Appointment

Advisors are trained to help students navigate ETSU and Departmental requirements, but each student should take responsibility for preparing to meet with an Advisor. Students should keep up with their progress and make sure they take only the classes they need unless they choose to take extra classes. More Psychology courses than are actually required for a degree can be taken, and if a student has the time, money, and interest, we would encourage them to take all the Psychology courses they can. Students should also take responsibility for knowing requirements which are printed in their ETSU Undergraduate Catalog, such as what intensive courses you will need. For advisement on Minors, students should contact the Minor Department in question for official information. 

Print this Pre-Advising Check Sheet complete it, and take it to your advising appointment. If you have not done the necessary pre-advisement requirements before your appointment, your advisor can decline to advise you and require you reschedule the appointment. 

Before your advising appointment…


Call (423-439-4424), go by (420 Rogers Stout), or email  to be assigned an advisor (IF you already have 60 earned credit hours—if you don’t, you will need to make an appointment with the ARC in the Culp Center).



Decide whether you will pursue a BA or a BS degree:

  • The BA requires passing the 2020 course in a foreign language and taking a world history course. You need two lab sciences, but they don’t have to be sequential (or even in the same field).
  • The BS requires two sequential lab sciences and a reasoning course (either PHIL 2030 or SPCH 2320).



Download the appropriate major check sheet (BS or BA for your intended concentration – Behavioral Neuroscience, Child, Clinical, Cognitive, or General). Check the year to make sure you use the right one. The most recent is for students who entered ETSU fall 2013 or more recently. If you came before that, make sure you use the correct one. Look up your courses on Goldlink and check off the ones you have already had. Check sheets can be found here 



Go to Goldlink and go to DegreeWorks to see what classes you have had and what DegreeWorks thinks you still need (or go to your transcript and check off the courses on your check sheet).


Check your registration status on Goldlink to see when your assigned registration time is.


Email your advisor to set up an appointment at least a week or two before you are scheduled to register for classes.



Take your pre-advising check sheet and your concentration check sheet with you to your advising appointment or email it to your advisor prior to your appointment time. 


For information about majoring in Psychology, click here.

For information about minoring in Psychology, click here.