Graduate Studies Coordinator, Sociology M.A. program 


Phone: 423.439.7056
Office: 223H Rogers-Stout Hall


Social Problems
Gender & Society
Social Psychology
Race, Class, & Gender in Film
Work & Occupations
Urban Ethnography


My current research involves interviewing scholars in a variety of fields about collaborative research. I’m learning about the assumptions that people in different disciplines make about collaboration, the pros and cons of collaborating with others, how they negotiate co-authorship, and how they think other researchers view their work. I got interested in this topic because I’ve co-authored several publications with colleagues over the years and enjoy it—although it’s quite different from solo research and writing. I’m also interested in social inequality, including my and my colleagues’ efforts to teach undergraduates about it. With my colleague Jessica Fields, I’m co-authoring a paper about youth sexuality educators in San Francisco Bay area communities.


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