Current Graduate Students


Nikki Bare

Applied Concentration;

Nikki graduated from Appalachian State University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s in Social Work. She has worked in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault where she served as a case manager. Her sociological research interests include program evaluation to improve upon services for individuals with disabilities, resiliency among disadvantaged groups, and the collective trust  and altruism of rural religious groups.


Michael Boling

Thesis Concentration;

Michael's interests include gender and sexuality, religion and spirituality, and sociolinguistics. He also enjoys literature and film, and holds a BA in English


Ashley Cano

Thesis/Applied Hybrid Concentration;

Ashley is interested in applied sociological research broadly and in particular is interested in religion and cultural issues. Currently Ashley is working with the Day Reporting Center which is part of the Targeted Community Crime Reduction Program (TCCRP) Grant that Johnson City was awarded to reduce violent crime in the community. 


Stephanie Elliott

Applied Concentration;

Stephanie is interested in technology and social media and how they are impacting learning and engagement in college classrooms. 


Jason Frazier

Thesis Concentration;
 Josh Ison

Joshua Ison

Thesis Concentration;

Joshua is studying body modifications and their effects on the people that obtain them.


Erin Mauck

Thesis Concentration;

Erin graduated from ETSU this past May with a BS in Sociology (minor in biology). She enjoys many areas of Sociology, including research and stats, but her main area of research interest is social problems.


Adria McLaughlin

Thesis Concentration;

Research Interests: Gender, Deviance, & Subcultures.

My current research goals are exploring gender dynamics within subcultural music scenes and the investigation of women’s experiences as band members. My long-term goals are to teach sociology.


Jessica Sykes

Thesis/Applied Hybrid Concentration;

Jessica's  main area of interest is how mainstream media affects & guides society. She would like to do survey/market research in that area.  She is also very interested in gender issues as well as crime & deviance.


Shonetra Walker

Applied Concentration;

Lilian Walsh

Applied Concentration;

Lilian's interests include the Cultural, Medical and Environmental aspects of Anthropology & Sociology.