Exhibition Policy

The Rationale for Exhibition Guidelines and Policies

The Reece Museum seeks to maintain a consistent set of standards for all exhibitions and displays within the museum. In general, all exhibitions in the Reece Museum should address some aspect of the museum’s mission.

The Mission Statement

The Reece Museum at East Tennessee State University provides an understanding of Appalachian culture and its importance in civilization by celebrating the people and places of Appalachia through the permanent collection, exhibits, and public service programming.


The Reece Museum serves the students, staff, and faculty at East Tennessee State University, along with the local community and the region of Appalachia. The Reece Museum strives to be a good neighbor in its geographic area by offering opportunities for diverse populations, and education is at the center of that public service. The Reece Museum is not only committed to serving the local and regional community but also collaborating and consulting with the community by conducting field research and oral history interviews when necessary and possible.

If you are interested in exhibiting your artwork or collection at the Reece Museum, please visit our complete exhibition policy.