Ed. S. in Counselor Leadership

What is the Ed. S. in Counselor Leadership?

The program is a unique 31 credit hour, post-master’s degree program that leads to an Education Specialist degree in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Counselor Leadership.

Why do it?

The Ed.S. in Counselor Leadership is a post-masters degree program that

  1. is designed for those who seek professional development beyond the masters degree.
  2. is designed for those who may be interested in seeking a specialization leading to leadership positions in schools and community agencies.
  3. may also be used by those with a school counselor license to gain the credits needed for licensure as a professional counselor (LPC).
  4. may lead to an increase in salary (Check employer and state and local districts for more information)
  5. affords the opportunity to work with faculty who have decades of combined experience in professional counseling with children, adults, and families in a variety of capacities and who have presented and published nationally and internationally as well as interact with other local professional counselor and educator colleagues.

Who can do it?

Although most of our interested students have their Masters in Counseling, students may be admitted to the program if they have a Masters in Education or Teaching or a related field (and this has been true of many of our graduates). A Masters degree is required to be considered for the Ed. S. Please understand that the Ed. S. in Counselor Leadership is an advanced degree and does not lead directly to any state licenses/certifications or endorsements.

For those individuals with counseling degrees seeking licensure as a Professional Counselor in Tennessee and surrounding states, the two advanced internships and the electives required for the Ed. S. can be designed to meet state licensure requirements (see state licensure boards for specific requirements).

How do I do it?

We offer the Ed. S. program as a Cohort Program http://www.etsu.edu/academicaffiairs/scs/cohort/ The cohort program allows a group of students to work together toward their degree, often starting and ending together. The camaraderie developed among the students, the scheduling of courses, and the professionalism of the course instructors and coordinator of ETSU Cohort Programs enables busy, working adults to further their education.

Our program is designed with the working professional in mind and is offered on-line. Generally students take two (2) courses per semester. Courses are advanced courses in Counseling and Educational Leadership. We also understand that many of our students want to interact with other students and the professors – that is why many of our courses will arrange for face to face class meetings or synchronous meetings a few times a semester.


We offer our Ed. S. in Counselor Leadership as a hybrid/online cohort program!

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