Human Development and Learning

The Human Development and Learning minor is designed to provide students with a solid knowledge base in human development through the life span. Students wanting additional exposure to family development, working with groups, or educational psychology have those choices as electives within the minor. The Human Development and Learning minor prepares students for entry-level careers or graduate study in a variety of fields such as counseling, school counseling, early childhood education, psychology, education non-licensure programs, criminal justice, social work, and marriage and family therapy.

The Human Development and Learning minor is a suitable minor for students majoring in early childhood education, communication, special education, social work, criminal justice, psychology, and many other disciplines.
Please keep in mind that it is required for students who are interested in pursuing a minor to meet with and work with an advisor. It is important to meet with an advisor early to make a plan for taking classes. Please contact Dr. Jamie Branam Kridler at .
The minor in Human Development and Learning (HDAL) consists of 18 credit hours. Required courses make up twelve (12) of the credit hours. Nine (9) credit hours of the total minor must be Upper Division Courses.
Minor requirements: 18 credit hours. A grade of "C-" or above must be earned in all minor courses. Minor form here.
Required Courses:
* HDAL 2310 - Developmental Psychology
* HDAL 2320 - Child Psychology OR
* HDAL 2330 - Adolescent Psychology OR
* HDAL 2335 - Adult Development
* HDAL 3610- Counseling Theory and Practice OR
* HDAL 4666 - Cultural Influences in Development
* HDAL 4011 - Developmental Psychology II
Guided Electives (Choose two)
* HDAL 1110 - Family Development
* HDAL 2320 - Child Psychology (if not taken for credit under required courses)
* HDAL 2330 - Adolescent Psychology (if not taken for credit under required courses)
* HDAL 2335 - Adult Development (if not taken for credit under required courses)
* HDAL 3310 - Educational Psychology
* HDAL 4007 - Applications of Group Process


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