Admission Criteria

Individuals seeking admission to graduate programs in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction must first meet the general admission requirements of the School of Graduate Studies.  In addition, the following specific admission criteria apply:

     1.  A candidate who has an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above on a
        4.0 scale for all work completed is eligible for admission.

     2.  A candidate who has an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0 on a
        4.0 scale may be granted admission by either of the following two (2)

          1.  Obtaining a minimum of 2400 points based on the following

               ■ *the sum of the GRE aptitude scores (V+Q+AW);

               ■ GPA x 500; and

               ■ the sum of number (1) and (2). *Scores on the GRE-AW will
               be substituted for the Analytical (A) scores using a scaled

          2.  Participate in an interview with the appropriate admission
               committee. The candidate will be responsible for providing the
               admission committee with information for consideration in 
               admission decisions. Factors to be considered include teaching 
               experience; scores on standardized tests; GPA during the entire
               undergraduate experience, during the last two years of
               undergraduate school, and in the major; performance in graduate
               courses taken; recommendations of supervisors and colleagues;
               quality of undergraduate school(s) attended; oral communication
               skills; and skill in writing, which will be determined in part by the
               candidate’s extemporaneous writing during the interview process.

Program Mission and Philosophy
Program Requirements

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