Elementary Education (M.Ed.)

The purpose of the Master’s of Education in Elementary Education degree is to improve the quality of teaching at the elementary level by broadening the background of teachers in the areas of study related to elementary teaching and learning.  


This program is designed for people who are already licensed to teach in the elementary grades.

People who hold a Tennessee teaching license in an area other than elementary teaching can work toward an elementary K-6 teaching license (at the same time they are working toward an M.Ed.) by taking specified electives and meeting some additional requirements.   Anyone wishing to add the elementary endorsement to an existing teaching license is urged to contact the ETSU Certification Analyst, Angela Murray, at 423-439-7562 or .  


Program Mission and Philosophy

Admission Criteria

Dr. Lori Meier
Program Coordinator
Phone: 423-439-7584
Office: 406 Warf-Pickel Hall
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