Mission Statement

The philosophy and mission of the Teacher Education program
is further refined from the University, College and Departmental philosophies and missions.
Philosophy: Teacher candidates in the Teacher Education program will be prepared to have a constructive, lasting impact on student performance from the first time they enter the classroom and will be poised to provide positive educational outcomes for students, schools, and communities in ETSU's local service area and the state.
Mission: The Teacher Education program, as a Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) specified program, aims to offer the best in teacher education consistent with the state Ready2Teach model including competency-based modular structure, close partnerships with public schools, problem-based learning, school-based residency, and integration of content coursework and professional education. In addition, the Teacher Education program prepares teacher candidates to function successfully in an increasingly diverse society with the knowledge and understanding that the quality of learning, research, scholarship, and creative activities are enhanced by an environment of inclusion which appreciates the full range of human experience both inside and outside of the classroom.


The front of Warf-Pickel, ETSU's Education Building.
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